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TRIM, or The Rational IT Model, is an open source model for IT Service Management built on ITIL and years of experience from implementations and coaching. TRIM is not instead of ITIL, it´s the easy way to start you ITIL journey.


The Rational IT Model

Working as a IT Service Management consultant, I realized that organizations had a hard time connecting ITIL to the service provider organization. Often, ITIL processes became something that someone else did when Service Desk had an Incident. One of the reasons for this was that the ITIL core books were to complex and hard to understand.

The idea was simple; Build a model for IT Service Management, based on ITIL, but easy to read and understand. Scope the minimum of what´s needed to get started with IT Service Management as a practice, provide templates for everything so that organizations can concentrate on the organizational change instead of producing process documentation. And the most important thing, make sure that the model is consistent, and not just a bunch of loosely connected processes so that an organization easily can adopt the model with existing roles.

During the spring of 2013 The Rational IT Model was born. A few years later it was translated in to English and now it´s used by organizations all over the world. The decision to make the model open source was easy, the whole idea from the beginning were to help organizations adopting IT Service Management. With this blog and an open licensed model, my hope is that it will continue to evolve over time and help many organizations onwards.

With hope that you will have value of the articles and templates on this site!

Pelle Råstock
Founder of openTRIM.


Official TRIM book

TRIM is a complete model for IT service delivery based on the ITIL® framework that has been simplified and scaled down to a level that all organizations can handle. The model includes all the processes, roles, templates and procedures that you need to implement IT Service Management as a working and efficient production of IT services that provide value to your organization. In addition to all the documents, the concept of the model is based on a holistic view with functions, escalation paths and governance of the organization, making it easy to get your entire organization, including suppliers, to work together. The model is easy to understand and to implement. It can be used as the basis for an ISO/IEC 20000 certification.

This means that organizations that have decided to adopt ITIL as a source of best practice still can get benefit from using TRIM as a reference model, without changing the aim for ITIL or ISO/IEC20000.

The difference is that ITIL is a framework of best practices, while TRIM is a reference model designed to be a guidance in connecting roles and organizational parts to functions and processes so that it becomes clearer how everything is connected in the delivery of IT services. Since the model is complete, managers and consultants can use this book to get a basic understanding for the mechanisms in delivering IT services and as criteria for gap analyses.

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