The steppingstone to ITIL

You need pieces from all lifecycles of ITIL to make Service Management stick in your organization. Unfortunately, many organizations get stuck after adopting only a few processes, and ITIL  sadly becomes associated with only the operations part of the organization.

In TRIM: The Rational IT Model, we have picked the lifecycle pieces that must exist, and simplified them to a level that all organizations easily can adopt. We added some functions to more natural link to the existing organization, and based the whole model on purpose and responsibility. The result is an organization where all employees knows what they must do, and why. And in the end the processes will be a help, instead of something forced upon them.

In this way, TRIM will simplify your organizations adoption of all lifecycle phases, and when the basic level of service management is in place, you will be ready to evolve, and focus on more specific areas of improvement.

TRIM is complementary to ITIL

You still need ITIL Foundation for a basic understanding of service management and ITIL. TRIM helps you specifically with what should be done to reach the basics of service management, while ITIL Practitioner describes how to do it.




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