Service Catalogue Management

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Many parts of the IT business are based on structures. In a poorly functioning business, issues are categorized according to a fixed structure, responsibility is allocated according to another structure, finances are measured and documentation is sorted according to their structures. These structures are often developed specifically for each area, which results in there being no common structure for the IT operation as a whole.

Instead of creating different structures for different purposes, a single structure should be created as a base for all areas within the IT organization. This facilitates coordination between different areas such as responsibility and issue categorization. Directly categorizing all issues based on the same structure we have used to allocate responsibility makes it simple to produce reports. This common structure is called service structure.

The service portfolio defines the IT organization’s activities and customers at strategic level. This then governs the scope of the service structure. In turn, the IT services are taken from the service structure and presented to the customers in a service catalogue. Categories for ticket management, allocation of responsibilities within the IT organization, economic follow-up and documentation of knowledge are organized in the next step in accordance with the structure that has been developed in the service structure.

The Service Catalogue Management process produces and administers the service structure and the service catalogue.


The purpose of Service Catalogue Management is to provide a central source with correct information about all IT services that can be ordered from the business and also to administer the service structure which constitutes the basis for other parts within the IT organization.

Achieving the purpose of Service Catalogue Management requires that:

  • The service structure is administered and updated on an ongoing basis if the conditions change
  • Correctness of information in the service structure is guaranteed
  • The service catalogue is available for the business
  • The service structure corresponds to the need for information from other processes and functions within the IT organization


Service Catalogue Management should provide and administer correct information about all services and products used by the IT organization in the delivery of IT to the business.

Service Catalogue Management includes:

  • Developing and maintaining templates for documentation of IT services, supporting services and products
  • Developing and administering the service structure
  • Publishing and administering the service catalogue
  • Checking relationships, dependencies and information between the service structure and the service portfolio
  • Checking relationships and dependencies between IT services and supporting services
  • Checking relationships and dependencies between supporting services and products


Service Catalogue Management is an administrative process which requires the service structure and service catalogue to be in place. The activities in the process are therefore concentrated on review and improvement.

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