Knowledge Management

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The ability to deliver high quality IT services is dependent on those involved being able to rapidly manage the different circumstances that arise in the delivery. In turn, this is based on their ability to understand the situation, which options are available and the consequences of these options.

The overall objective of Knowledge Management is to improve the organization’s ability to deliver IT services through ensuring that the knowledge needed is relevant and available.


The purpose of Knowledge Management is to share perspectives, ideas, experience and information and ensure that it is available when needed. A well-functioning process facilitates decision-making and reduces unnecessary work rediscovering knowledge already exists within the organization.

At a fundamental level, the purpose of the Knowledge Management process is to ensure the information and documentation that is required to deliver IT services and to have control over which knowledge exists in the organization and where it is located.


Knowledge Management comprises all documentation within the IT department, all configuration items and also all knowledge, both documented and non- documented.


Knowledge Management is not a process in the sense that activities can be followed from start to finish, but rather an area of responsibility with a number of procedures. However, there are seven activities or building blocks which must be managed. These activities are used to develop Knowledge Management and to subsequently regularly evaluate what is in greatest need of improvement.

The seven activities are:

  • Decide on objectives for Knowledge Management
  • Work on knowledge identification
  • Acquire knowledge
  • Develop knowledge
  • Distribute knowledge
  • Retain knowledge
  • Measure knowledge

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