IT steering group

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An IT organization has no intrinsic value, rather its existence is justified by the fact that it makes the company’s operations more efficient. The IT Steering Group function is the primary contact point for the business’s management and has the ultimate responsibility that the IT services delivered achieve the efficiencies intended for the business. The IT Steering Group is located at the strategic level in the governance model, and should focus on control of the IT organization. If there is a formal managerial body for the IT organization, then that is what constitutes the IT Steering Group.


The primary purpose of the IT Steering Group is to be the function which actively controls and continually improves the value of IT for the business. The function is the highest decision-making body within the IT organization and thus manages issues that are escalated from the tactical level.

Other aims are to represent the IT organization at strategic level in relation to the business and suppliers and also to produce objectives and control operations within the IT organization.


The IT Steering Group is responsible for contact with the business’s management team and also contact at strategic level with selected suppliers.

All questions of an overall or strategic character should be discussed in the IT Steering Group, as well as questions which it is not possible to easily determine at tactical level. The IT Steering Group is responsible for producing the IT strategy and the IT policy, and also that they are implemented and observed in the organization. The IT Steering Group’s responsibility also includes continually updating with what is happening in the business and also what similar IT organizations are doing and general developments in the IT industry.

The function should also be responsible for producing a service portfolio that defines which types of IT services should be delivered to the business, what value they provide and how they should be financed.

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