Delivery control

This is an excerpt, you will find more detailed descriptions in the book.

The job of Delivery Control is to check and improve the production of IT services. This refers to activities and projects which simplify or modernize the technical environment without affecting the content in the delivery of IT services to the business.

The aim is to reduce time and costs for the operation. However, it can also entail activities with the aim of improving processes, documentation or expertise. A project to improve production with the help of ITIL or this book is an example of increasing internal efficiency.


Delivery Control comprises responsibility for processes, procedures, documentation, systems and the technology that is required for production of IT services for the business.

Delivery Control includes:

  • Responsibility for and documentation of supporting services and products
  • Having solid knowledge about and flexibility in the utilization of existing infrastructure and applications
  • Financially managing production of IT services
  • Maintaining and understanding business-critical systems
  • Producing the information and documentation that is needed in operations
  • Prioritizing and implementing improvements in the delivery of IT services
  • Responsibility for suppliers

Overall flow through Delivery Control

Delivery Control is focused on internal components, which means that the bulk of the input comes from the strategic level and the output goes to the operational level.

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