Almost every IT-organization uses ITIL® as a source of best practice for IT service management. But few succeed in reaching an integral solution. One of the reasons for this is that they use ITIL® as a model, not as a best practice that needs to be adopted and adapted to the specific organization.

Another reason to why organizations fail to get real value out of their IT service management initiatives is that they often reach too far. Most of the books or models used describes the perfect scenario. It´s like taking the playbook from a world leading soccer team and using it to teach children. Everything in the playbook is correct and truly the best way of doing things, but the children needs to learn the basics of soccer before they can evolve to a team.

As long as we talk about team sports, everyone agrees that this is obvious. But within organizations, we often take a state of the art playbook and give it to our immature organization and expect them to understand the game. Delivering IT-services is a team sport and we need to understand the basics of the game before we can excel.

TRIM: The rational IT model, was created out of years of experience by service management consultants and IT organizations, with the purpose of explaining ITSM in a way that unlocks the key of getting everything together, making a team out of the delivery organization. TRIM governance model combined with the complete service structure, gives organizations a good position to adopt the concept of service management.

TRIM takes its starting point from the existing organization. Everything needs to be connected to a purpose of an organizational unit and the accountability of a role. All employees need to understand his or her contribution to the delivery of an IT service. It is comparable to making a playbook for a sports team. And when this is in place, processes will only be a tool of making the activities that needs to be done anyway easier, instead of being perceived as just an administrative task and maybe even as an evil job.

The purpose of TRIM is not to replace ITIL®, but to be a way to get IT service management adopted within an organization. The model is complete and describes the parts in such a way that you can understand even without prior ITIL® knowledge. The model consists of the fundamentals, the very basics, for IT service management.  And the aim is that when this is in place and working, your organization will be ready to really adopt and use more advanced frameworks and models such as IT4IT, DevOps or the depths of the ITIL® core books.

The model is managed by the community and the mission is, in collaboration with all community members, continuously improve and provide materials in the form of a reference model and literature to simplify the use of IT Service Management. To enable the adoption of ITSM for real through the entire IT organization.

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